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Support The SPSRF

Join The SPSRF's mission to end SPS. Your generosity fuels critical research and makes life-saving progress possible.

Your donations support SPS research, raises awareness, and strengthens our community.

Make A Donation

Your generosity supports SRS research. Online donations are fast and secure. You can also mail checks to: 8621 Burdette Road, Bethesda, Maryland


Make A Recurring Gift

Set up a recurring gift to provide support. Donate online and select “Monthly” or “Recurring.” Your gift will be charged to your credit card each month and can be adjusted at any time.

Matching Gifts

Many employers match employee’s charitable contributions or volunteer hours. Click below or contact your HR dept. to see if your company has a matching gift program.

Gifts in Kind

Make a non-cash contribution

to The SPSRF in the form of goods and services.

To make a gift in kind, please submit an email through the link below.

Make a Planned Gift

The SPSRF recognizes individuals who help to ensure the future of SPS research and The SPSRF's mission by including the Foundation in their estate plans.

IRA Charitable Giving

Individual Retirement Account owners over age 70½ may transfer up to $104,000 yearly, which may offer tax benefits and fulfill minimum distribution requirements.

Gift in Tribute

When you make a gift online, select “Dedicate in honor or memory of someone.” To mail a tribute or memorial gift, include the name of someone to honor on your check.  

Host A FB Fundraiser

We've partnered with Meta to make hosting and sharing online fundraisers easy. 

Click below to learn how to host and share a fundraiser for The SPSRF.

Make a Gift of Stock

Giving stock held for more than 12 months offers two-fold tax savings: a tax deduction for the full fair market value on the gift date, and capital gains can be avoided. 

Ways to Give

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best way to support The Stiff Person Syndrome Research Foundation?

Become a monthly donor! You set the amount to give, and you can cancel anytime. For the same amount of effort as a one-time donation, a monthly donation provides a reliable source of support for The Stiff Person Syndrome Research Foundation. Monthly donations are easy, affordable, and more impactful.

How does The Stiff Person Syndrome Research Foundation use funds?

In our first two years, we donated $90,000 raised for research to Johns Hopkins Stiff Person Syndrome Center. As of late 2022, the organization is focused on creating the SPS Global Registry & Natural History Study to facilitate research for better treatments and a cure. We remain committed to raising awareness of SPS, especially among primary care physicians and neurologists, to reduce the time to diagnosis and the suffering.

Will I get a receipt?

The Stiff Person Syndrome Research Foundation is a 501(c)3 nonprofit, tax-exempt organization designated by the Internal Revenue Code. When you contribute to The SPSRF, you will receive a charitable tax receipt for income tax purposes.

Is my donation secure?

The Stiff Person Syndrome Research Foundation takes every precaution to protect our donor’s information. When you submit sensitive information via our website, your information is protected both on- and off-line. We use industry standard security protocols to keep you, and your information, safe.

How can I contact you?

To contact us, please email

Is my donation tax deductible?

The Stiff Person Syndrome Research Foundation is recognized as a tax-exempt charitable organization under section 501(c)3 of the Internal Revenue code. To claim a donation as a deduction on your United States taxes, please keep your email donation receipt as the official record of your donation. You will receive it via email upon successful completion of your donation. For reference, The SPSRF employer identification number (EIN) is 84-2291780.

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Become A Rare Gem

Rare Gems support The SPSRF with donations or fundraising of $1,000 or more each year. As a member, you’ll enjoy various benefits, depending on your level of financial support, including early access to event registration, in-person and virtual discussions, access to talks with SPSRF-funded researchers, and personalized recognition opportunities.

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