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SPS Fundraisers' Marketplace

Welcome to our Community Fundraisers page, a dedicated space to highlight the incredible efforts of our global Stiff Person Syndrome (SPS) community members in raising awareness and support.


The fundraisers featured here are independently organized by our passionate community and are not officially affiliated with The SPSRF. As such, we are unable to place orders or answer questions regarding these events.


Each entry includes a link to the event page shared by the organizers, where you can find more details and show your support. Check back often to discover new and inspiring fundraising initiatives.

SPS Awareness Zebra Bracelets

Help raise awareness for Stiff Person Syndrome with official ribbons from My SPS Journey, created by Melanie Collazo.


There are two ribbon options available: a ribbon with a clutch pin and stone for $6, and a simpler ribbon with a black safety pin for $5.


Both feature a striking black and silver sparkled zebra print.

Celine Dion SPS T-Shirt

Join Gabriella Greco and Darren Melchiorre in a special collaboration to raise funds for Stiff Person Syndrome research inspired by the courage and generosity of Celine Dion.


Funds raised from this campaign will be donated to The SPSRF and to the Céline Dion Foundation, specifically earmarked for ongoing SPS research.


Your support in spreading the word and contributing to this campaign would be immensely appreciated.

KY's Candle Care Kits

Support Kylie’s effort to raise funds for SPS research through her soy-based candles and melts! Each candle is crafted with care, featuring essential oils that provide both physical and mental health benefits. Kylie offers a wide variety of options, ensuring there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

A portion of each purchase goes directly to the Stiff Person Syndrome Research Foundation.

"Annie's Song"

Discover Annie McDonnell's inspiring journey in her debut book, "Annie's Song: Dandelions, Dreams, and Dogs." Living with Stiff Person Syndrome and other rare diseases, Annie writes with a profound connection to both this earthly existence and the afterlife. Proceeds from "Annie's Song: Dandelions, Dreams, and Dogs" support The Stiff Person Syndrome Research Foundation. Join Annie on her journey and be inspired by her story of courage, love, and resilience.

"One In A Million; Living with SPS"

Host: Jacqui Atkinson

In this remarkable story, Jacqui shares her journey of enduring years of excruciating pain and muscle spasms without a diagnosis. "One In a Million" is a powerful tale of courage, faith, and, above all, love. Jacqui’s story is a testament to her indomitable spirit and her unwavering focus on hope and heaven.

Proceeds from the sales of this book go directly to The Stiff Person Syndrome Research Foundation. Purchase your copy and be inspired by Jacqui's incredible journey while supporting a vital cause.

Knitted Scarfs & Hats

Support Stiff Person Syndrome research with Joy Lwangu’s beautifully crafted custom scarves and hats. Each piece is personally knitted by Joy and features a special “I Love Someone with Stiff Person Syndrome” embroidery. By purchasing these unique items, you’re not only getting a cozy accessory but also contributing to a meaningful cause. All proceeds from the sales go directly to The Stiff Person Syndrome Research Foundation.

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